Wednesday, 21 November 2012

The Threadbare Bug Collection begins in earnest.

This is Madame Salve Melodious. She is a good example of one of the pieces from my Threadbare Bug Collection. This bug was constructed using three felt balls for her body structure. She stands by balancing on her two front legs and on her elaborate flowing tail. I wanted to give her Tim Burton inspired long spiky eyelashes.

You can see from this view a tumbling, unfurling tail. I used strips of hand-made felt strengthened with wire and feathers to create movement and drama. Everything has been enhanced with glittering glass beads and sequins.  


In this close up shot you can see all the detail that goes into these Threadbare Bugs. I am a detail junkie. Most times I will start a new project I will tell myself that this time I will be more restrained and that I will simplify. At the half way point this has totally gone out the window, I’m generally thinking up ways I can introduce more sewing, more beads and more layering to a piece.
I am pleased with how the layering can be seen in this bug. It is full of different textures and colour tones. She is one of my favourites because she is so over the top. 

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  1. I love the colours and one of the things I love about your work is your attention to detail. As Tim Burton is one of my favourite Directors, I'm so happy to see that you applied your inspiration into your work. Well Done. :D This reminds me of an Exhibition of his that I went to see in Paris,from his early works to present, he started somewhere too. :D Keep it Up!