Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Colour is the name of the game and I sure hope I know how to play it.

 Colour played a strong part in the design of this particular bug. When I think of the person it was made for, the colours turquoise and yellow always come to mind.

Colour can be a way to communicate subtle details you notice about a person. It might be colours or tones they wear often or decorate their homes with. It also can be used to show aspects of their personality. For example, red can be used to demonstrate a passionate person; you could use yellow to show someone’s sunny disposition; use soft purples and pinks for someone who is particularly feminine.

 In my experience, people who have received art pieces that have been specially commissioned for them, are really pleased when the colours they are drawn to or feel express them are used in their new piece of art work.

It can be a subtle hint of a blue feather or a vibrant green that dazzles but colour really plays a huge part in how appealing or appalling we will find something visually.

I have found it invaluable to ask the colour question every time I start a new project. I feel I have quite a strong approach to colour but I think I will share more with you about that on another day with some other examples of my work.

P.S. This is just an added photo, the lighting in it is not so hot but I like the feel of it. (Very arty I know, please excuse, but I am an artist)


  1. I was definitely struck by the colours when I saw this on FB first. They bright and playful the bug looks ready for flight! :D

  2. Ah thanks Joanne. She just might start fluttering any moment!;)