Friday, 23 November 2012

The Guru

Whenever I look at this guy I always think that there is something very “otherworldly” about him. His colours are jewel tones, rich and deep. His wings form a wizard’s cape in my imagination. (I know, I know- too much Lord of the Rings for me!) I think I think he knows something that I don’t know but maybe I should know since I am the one who created him, ye know??

…….Never Mind….

 The beading on the back of his wings is regular and patterned like a butterflies wings. I remember that they took a long time to complete and they were heavy with embellishment when they were finished. 

 I feel everything came together quite nicely with this bug. I tried to make him so that he was visually interesting from many different angles but also that he had a calm and meditative spirit about him. I always think if the other bugs needed a guru this guy would be it.

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