Wednesday, 28 November 2012

The Glassy Green Spider

 This bug I made just for myself and my own amusement. He has never had an official title but I always think of him as The Glassy Green Spider.
Like Strum, he is comprised of a single felt ball but in contrast he has long dramatic legs and colourful plumage.

The beads I have used on his body have created a very pleasing textured finish, well, to my eyes anyway! I guess that’s the good thing about creating for yourself, you can use materials, colours and your imagination to suit your own tastes and you don’t have to worry about pleasing other people.

I find it helpful to my work practice to make things not only for commission but also to expand my own creativity.

When I have been making just for myself I find I can push the boundaries a little further. I can be a little more whimsical or add a little more darkness. I can experiment with ideas. Not every one of them has worked out, some get discarded at the halfway point (some sooner!), some get finished but I never find them appealing enough to display and some have aspects to them that I will definitely use again in future projects.

 When I can take the space, sometimes reluctantly, to make something for myself I’m generally glad that I did it. I like this guy and his feathery eyelashes. I like the expression they give him. I like how well I was able to finish him, but mostly, I like that I am able to keep him.  


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