Friday, 30 November 2012

Hey, this one looks kind of familiar!

Well, if you were thinking Grace Faithful here looks kind of familiar, you would be right. This bug is a sibling to Epoch John, who appeared in last weeks posts. The people who these two Threadbare bugs were made for are also siblings so it seemed only right to keep the heritage going strong through the art work too.

As you can hopefully tell, this bug is more feminine in her colour pallet and also, she is more rounded out through her body and her legs.

The decision to make a piece that is so close to something else that I have already made is a rare one for me. As I’ve already explained, I do like to make things within one concept e.g. The Threadbare Bug Collection but I generally try to make each one very individualistic after that.

Of course, there are exceptions to every rule and the decision here, felt like a good one to me. It’s strange that even though I’m the one making the rules in my own work practice; it still feels like I am breaking some sort of code, rather than just creating a new rule to go along side the one that already exists.

These kinds of traps can happen when you work for yourself. I have found it very helpful to discuss my work with other trusted people so that I can weed out such patterns which may stop me from making beautiful or interesting things or going in a new direction that feels unfamiliar or scary.

Having a sound board can be invaluable to open up new possibilities and also, to help you to see where you might be getting stuck or sabotaging yourself.  

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