Monday, 26 November 2012

The Rocker

This is Strum T Metallus. He is one of the smallest, most compact bugs that I have made to date. He is comprised of a single felt ball, six pin legs and a bright red mohawk, that starts at his antennae and sweeps down to his feathery tail.

 Although small in stature, I feel he has bags of punchy personality. He has duo-tones of red and black which is a nod to his rocker heritage. As with a lot of rockers I have met in real life, he may have a dark and slightly hard exterior but I think you can tell by the eyes that he is a big softy really. He has a lot of heart and determination.

I like how simple his design is but I still feel he delivers in character. Rock on Strum, Your public adores you!


  1. Rock on!!!!! Love this one Sadhbh...rockers unite! lol x

  2. That's so funny ... the person I thought of, when I saw this piece, was you Lara!!