Monday, 31 December 2012

Welcome to the Dark Side

Hello everyone, I hope you all had a happy and festive holiday. 2012 is swiftly drawing to a close and I can’t pretend that I won’t be glad to see the back of it. I don’t know about you, but personally, it has been month after month of challenge after challenge.

So in the name of the shadow side, the dark night of the soul and the pesky trials and tribulations of the daily grind this is Scorch Scarum. None of the Snugs that I have made to date have been actually bad, but this Snug is the closest to mischievous and moody that I have gotten.

 I eventually wanted to make an angelic counterpart to Scorch, but with a steady flow of commissions to complete, I never got around to it. I liked the idea of those angel/demon spectres that used to appear on the shoulders of cartoon characters when I was growing up. They were always trying to influence the protagonist with their wilful mutterings. One day I might get to make the angel but for now we will have to deal with the demon.

I worked hard on the embroidery and beading on the wings and tail. The wings are shaped like bats wings and are enhanced with shiny sequins, black beads and a button. I followed the black through with a metallic shade of seed bead on the tail. I generally use quite a few colours on any Snug but I went for duo-tones of red and black to give a strong visual that can’t be misunderstood. She is fiery, passionate, dark and brooding.

I honour the dark side tonight. Thank you for all your mixed blessings and lessons. But I am also very willing to let you go and make some room to usher in 2013. May it be full of laughter, happiness and excitement (of the good variety!).  

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