Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Is It A Bird? Is It A Plane? No! It’s Super Snug!

Living with a comic book obsessed, super hero loving, illustrator boyfriend has to rub off on you in some way or another. Super Snug is the result of many an evening spent watching super hero movies and the endless supply of comic books and graphic novels lying around our house.

I have a tendency to make very feminine things (I am a girl after all) but it is good to challenge myself to try to do something new. All of my tea cosies come with a label. On that label is a short story explaining the personality of the Snug. This is what is written on Super Snugs label.

“This is Super Snug. His ears perk as he hears a cry pierce
the night sky; “Help, help! My tea is in mortal danger of
rapidly cooling!! Who can save my beautiful brew??”
WHOOSH!!! With a flash of yellow, a hero zooms
 to the rescue.
“Have no fear, ma’am, Super Snug is here!
His tight knit stitches of steel intensely insulate the
at-risk refreshment. A cheer resounds throughout the house as
 the near tepid tea is saved.
But just as he relaxes into another job well done, he hears a
 cry on the wind.
This Snug knows his work is never done.”

I also like to include a small bag with some extra eyes, buttons or sequins.

Putting the label together and pinning it to the finished Snug is generally the last job I do before it goes out the door. Just like Super Snug, I know it is another job done but who knows what the next one will be?!

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