Monday, 17 December 2012

Keep Your Tea Cosy, Give it a Snug

This Snug I titled “Mid-Western Sally”. Sometimes a name like that will come into my head and I won’t be able to shake it off.

I think she has an old-world charm about her. She is traditional and very feminine. As you can see I used lots of gingham, lace and floral prints in her decoration. I think that she is wearing her Sunday best.

I found when I was doing my weekly shopping that there were small teapots for sale. They are really only for one person but the scale worked for these snugs. I started buying one teapot a week and that enabled me to create a whole cast of characters.

Before long, I made quite a few different Snugs. I think because they were so compact and so cute when they were finished they made very good gifts for people. They were not outrageously expensive but they were unique and hand made. The Snugs I made with my own imagination enabled other people to see the possibilities and the requests for custom built cosies came in thick and fast.

Mid-Western Sally here and the next few cosies I mean to share with you this week are the snugs I made without input from other people. All but one is off in the world living different lives in different homes. Sometimes when I look at these photographs, it gives me a funny feeling to think that out there, there are lots of little cosies sitting on peoples kitchen tables or counter-tops that I made but don’t get to see anymore. When I go visiting and one of my creations is in the house, I always feel the need to go over and say “Hello old friend, how are you doing?” 

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