Friday, 21 December 2012

I’m So Sleepy I Can’t Think of a Snappy Title

So, it is four days before Christmas, the world is supposed to end today and I’m wrecked from the exertion of trying to prepare for both. That seems counter-intuitive now that I think about it, but as my brain currently resembles mush, I’m not really surprised. I should really have picked one event and committed to it.

There is a tiny part of me that was thinking if the world really ends today I would be partially relieved because it would mean I could lie down. I was talking about this with a dear friend of mine last night and she agreed with me. A rest would be quite nice. But as I hear it is hard to recover from death and world destruction I’m glad I’m still walking around, even if I do have mince meat brains.

I have very much wandered off the subject of this here blog. Back to the work! I’m going to let myself off the hook today and just share with you the photographs for this Snug, Chantilly Tarlatan and also the piece I wrote for her label. She wasn't made with anyone in mind; she is of the same ilk as Rococo before her.

“This is Chantilly Tarlatan. She is an old school Southern beauty.
She favours elegance, good manners and lazy summer
days above all things. Chantilly prides herself on her appearance
 and will not be seen until every bow,
bead and bustle are in place. She believes one must always be a lady.
 “So remember girls, if you have to be mean, at least
do it with a smile”, she can be heard remaking to her
avid followers of etiquette.
 Nothing gets past this Belle of the Bayou. Her wise-cracking 
wit and wily observations can leave your
 head spinning for days.” 

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