Saturday, 12 January 2013

The Gang’s All Here!

To finish the week, I thought I would show you these group shots I had taken of the whole gang together before they went out into the world to find there own way.

We were living in our tiny basement flat in Dublin at the time these photos were taken. I think I was standing on our stairs to get a broad view. It is great for me to see a whole body of work that I have made together like this. On a bad day, I sometimes feel like I have made very little or that I am totally uncreative. A picture like this doesn’t tell a lie though. It is a good reminder of the hours I have spent experimenting, learning and risk-taking. Thankfully most of the risks taken here have paid off and other people saw the value in the efforts I had made.

These photographs not only document the work but are also a reminder of the places I have lived, how I was feeling at the time and where I was in a creative sense. They can hold the life of the work but also the life I was living along side it. One of my on-going goals is to have my art incorporated into life daily and to live life artfully.

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