Monday, 14 January 2013

An Important Message: Could You Change A Snugs Life Today?

Last week I wrote about the late selling Dotty Dandelion and also about taking risks in my art making. I wrote in my last post that most of the risks I have taken had paid off.

Most, but not all. That is the focus of today’s post. This is Billy Jet; he is a snug I made that never sold. He is the weird dog in the pound that nobody wants to adopt, he is an oddity and he is homeless. Of course he is here with me but he is always packed away waiting to go to another market. We have Gregarious as our tea cosy and if I had a bigger kitchen or more counter space I would probably take him out and let him settle in here with us. But somehow, that never seemed right to me.

He is a bit crazy looking, I know that. He was one of the last made and I was obviously experimenting with colours. I think his body turned out like a bad 1970’s jumper that people wear without a collar. Although I have seen that they have slightly come back into fashion of late. When I was finished knitting him I remember thinking, ‘You are weird’. The whole 1970’s thing got me thinking of Elton John in his tripped-out star-shaped glasses phase.

I decided I would go with it. I gave him a bright tux, the star glasses, feathered top hat and even some side-burns over his ears that made him look like he has a bald patch. I named him Billy Jet in honour of the song but I always call him Elton when I am referring to him to people in the know.

When I started writing this section of the blog I got to thinking about Billy Jet. I believe in giving and receiving. I try to clear out things in my house once or twice a year to release the old and make room for the new. I have decided that I will release Billy from his storage prison and try to send him out into the world.

So I am here today to send out a plea for a new home for Billy Jet. He is completely free of charge with no strings attached. All I ask is that you use him; he has spent too much time hidden away.

I would much prefer that he be out in the open, living up to his life purpose of tea warming than stuck at home here in a box.

If anybody is interested in taking him in you can just leave me your name in the comment box below or on facebook. If more than one person is interested in having him I will do a draw and pick a name out of a hat.

I really would love if someone would take him in and make him part of their home. He has a flamboyant personality that would brighten any space.

I include below his label information so you can get to know him a little better.

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