Tuesday, 22 January 2013

A Woolly Political Theory

 The materials I used were very important to the finish I wanted to achieve with this Snug. I chose quite expensive yarns for the body of the piece and for the decoration. I think I used real wool rather than a synthetic one and a Mohair yarn for the trim and ruffles. I wanted it to feel plush and tactile.

You can achieve quite a lot with acrylic wools in terms of colour options and affordability. I know a lot of knitters knock them for various reasons (reasons which I am sure are totally justified) but I guess I am a bit more of a democratic knitter myself. I would love to have an “Only Real Wool” motto on my knitting bag but unfortunately, living on an artist’s wages means you can’t always get what you want. Real wools are beautiful, natural and so warm but they can come with a hefty price tag. I totally admit I still haven’t gotten the knack of buying wool on-line which I’m sure makes it much more affordable.

I’m more a buy-a-ball-as-I-need-it kind of girl. Sometimes, when I see things like “Real knitters only use Real wool” I feel like it is kind of exclusionary. I think if someone has two euro to buy a ball of wool and they make something fabulous with it, where is the harm in that? Even if they make something terrible, who cares? Children could learn to knit the basics with cheap wool to give their parent’s budget a break and if they really get into it then they could move on to the hard stuff.

I don’t really want to knock anybody here but sometimes I would prefer if people wouldn’t be so absolute about things. I don’t want to have to hide my acrylic wool like a bad secret in a knitting circle or worse, let what I can afford in terms of wool stop me going at all because I don’t or can’t buy the real deal. There can be extremists in everything but I don’t think they should always get the last word. I think I will be a rebel and put on my knitting bag “I use all kinds of wool, I’m on a budget”.
Rant over!

As you can see, even knitting has politics. Someone will probably tell me tomorrow how terrible acrylic wool is for the environment or something and I’ll have to take the whole darn thing back. Don’t be surprised if you see a “I’ve been converted, I use real wool” sign on my post tomorrow.

I have gotten totally side-tracked and all riled up. Sorry about that. I wanted Constance Curio here to have quite a sophisticated look to her (even if she is a tea cosy with googly eyes) I chose rich, deep colours and I layered her bustle with frills lace and feathers. She also has a decorative feathered flower in the front and a Venetian mask. I think she is the kind of snug who has sumptuous dinner parties with dancing afterwards.

It takes all kinds of wool and all kinds of people to make the things I make. A colour will inspire me one day, a texture the next and sometimes, it is something beautiful someone has said about a loved one that will turn that light bulb on in my head. It all comes to the same end though; a unique and personal art piece to be treasured.  

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