Thursday, 10 January 2013

I am Sensing that Sometimes I Lose my Sensibilities

I started making this Snug, the last of my own invention, but never finished her due to demands in other areas. A few years and a couple of house moves later, I rediscovered her unassembled form in one of the numerous boxes I was unpacking in my work room.

For some reason, the task of completion which had eluded me before came to me in a flurry of activity. I knitted some extra pieces, I sewed, I beaded and I added buttons. In a snap she was finished and ready for market.

When it came to writing her back story I think I was right in the middle of a (slightly obsessive) Sense and Sensibility phase. Whenever I am a little run down or comfort seeking I generally turn to Ang Lee’s excellent film adaption of Sense and Sensibility. It is written by Emma Thompson, whom I adore and it has all the right components to get me in a better mood.

I think this time, with all the moving, unpacking and upheaval, I was looking for some extra comfort so I had listened to the unabridged audio book read by Juliet Stevenson and also had looked at the BBC mini series.

That is A LOT of Sense and Sensibility.

There can be an obsessive part to my personality, I can freely admit it. I cling to the fact that I obsessively read and observe classic literature rather than obsessively take drugs or count the tiles in my bathroom. Each to their own, I guess! 


I decided that this snug bore a resemblance in temperament to Mrs. Jennings, the Dashwoods neighbours interfering mother-in-law. I gave her all of her qualities and also her surname- This is Juniper Jennings. She is one of my favourite characters in the book and I hoped to honour her with this tea cosy. I can be quite cheesy and this is some top quality stinky cheese. Obsessive and cheesy, man, what a catch I turned out to be!

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