Monday, 22 April 2013

Let’s get to the Heart of the Matter- A Little Extra

Over the weekend, as I was going through some of my photograph files on the computer, I found these images. I knew I had taken photos of this heart talisman in its final incarnation but couldn’t find them in my work folder. They were hiding away in a public file but the up side is I get to share them with you now to complete the visual story of this art piece.

As I said in my Let's get to the Heart of the Matter post, I suspended the talisman in the jar so that it could be contained and displayed. The glass jar gives it some protection but also allows it to be moved or positioned in different places.

Aesthetically, I have always been fond of old-fashioned bell jars as a means of display. They seem to single out certain objects as special, worthy of protection and also to draw the eye to something that might be valuable to observe closely. These art objects suspended in glass jars like the Fat Bees or indeed, the turquoise sea horse are my version of a bell jar. They remind me of how I used to store my childhood treasures like tadpoles, pocket money or colourful plastic jewellery. These transparent receptacles are strong but are also fragile and need to be cared for. They hold a window into beauty and protect their contents without completely withholding them from the world.     

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