Wednesday, 13 February 2013

……And They Called it Bunny Love…..

This is Somebunny. Many moons ago I was out shopping for a Valentines Day card for the old ball and chain when I saw one that had “Some Bunny Loves You” inscribed across the front with a lovely illustration of a rabbit underneath.

As I walked around town I couldn’t get the phrase out of my head and at some point I decided I would make a bunny as a Valentines gift for Gary.

I have fortunately gotten a lot of different knitting, sewing and crafting books over the years as birthday and Christmas gifts. I have mentioned “Jan Messent’s Knitted Gardens” already and the basic pattern for Somebunny came from a book I have used repeatedly called “Dream Toys” by Claire Garland. It is printed by Mitchell Beazley. The original pattern was designed for a fairy baby but it is so basic and straight forward, I have been able to make small changes here and there to adjust it for many different projects.

I knit the basic body all in white. I made up a pattern for the ears; I gave him one white and one black to add some personality. I didn’t want to over complicate his face. I chose two different sized classic black buttons for his eyes and I embroidered a broad sweeping smile across his loving visage.


I had some small fabric hearts from an assorted accessory pack that I sewed on to his left paw and onto his butt. As you can see, I tied a red ribbon around his neck and he was ready to go.

Oddly, I didn’t end up buying the card that inspired this little guy. I think at the time I settled on a card that had badges on it; Somebunny now wears them proudly on his chest. It was after purchasing that card that the simple tag line of the other lodged in my brain. It just goes to show that you never know when inspiration will hit and how one person’s ingenuity can influence the creativity of another; from card design to knitted keepsake. Fabulous!

I asked Gary this morning about how he felt about receiving Somebunny and he said he was chuffed. He said he liked his crazy eyes and the small details of the hearts. He liked that I had made it just for him for a day that represents LOVE.  

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